# ely folk festival 2019

# Let's start with Ely.

So last weekend (13-14th) I performed at Ely Folk Festival with a small band of young musicians. On the Friday evening, we had a 20-minute slot on Stage 3, and then we had another 10-minute slot on Saturday to compete in what was called the "Club Tent Competition". The winner of said competition would go on to perform on Stage 1 (the big one!) later that weekend. Unfortunately we didn't win that competition, but it was still such a good opportunity for us.

As a band, we all got Artist badges and everything! Definitely an experience to remember.

Overall, I had a really good time, and I'd like to thank everyone who helped to make it an amazing experience for me.

# Ugh, Activities Week.

At school this week, they've held "Activities Week". According to them, this is a "carousel of exciting activities". Honestly, I'd have to disagree - mainly just an excuse for teachers to have a week off, and waste time!

We started the week with a STEM challenge - building a bridge. Let me just tell you now, this bridge was a total flop. It could hardly hold the weight that it needed to, and it looked absolutely awful. Not my finest creation!

For the second half of Tuesday, we walked for half an hour to Angelsey Abbey, a National Trust property just down the road from school. Bit boring, but it was nice to spend time with my friends.

On Wednesday, we were sent to work with our parents. Since I can't go to Dad's work because of company policies, and I'm honestly a bit bored of working at Mum's cafe, I went to work with a friend of Mum's called James. He's very nice, and I had a good time at his office (Sartorius Stedim Biotech). Thanks for having me!

On Thursday, we spent the day doing "fun" activities. These were mainly aimed at kids completing DofE, which was helpful for me! Well - they were supposed to be helpful. Guess where we walked? Angelsey Abbey! Again!

On Friday, my half of the year visited Aldeburgh. I wasn't at school today, though.

# That's about it!