# first post

This is where I plan to complete the Skills section of my DofE Award. You never know, I might continue it even after I've finished Bronze DofE!

# Who's assessing me?

I'm being assessed by the amazing Lili Cooper. She used to tutor me when I was home-ed back in Year 6, but now she's off travelling around Europe with Abi. Lili's Instagram handle is @gearsforqueers

# What are my aims?

I hope to improve my communication skills, as well as in English writing. This will be especially helpful for my GCSEs as I move into Year 10.

# What will I blog about?

Everything. What I've been doing over the summer holidays, how Year 10 is going for me. It'll just be me, chatting about my life. Don't expect a clear structure, because you'll certainly be disappointed!

# Alright then, let the games begin!