# go wildcats!

# We finished High School Musical!

The last performance was last night, and I don't think I've had a better week - ever. Despite the nerves, I've loved all the performances and the feeling afterwards is bloody amazing! Working with the cast for the last 3 months to pull this thing together has been amazing and I'd like to thank everyone involved; light and sound crews, backstage, band, teachers, front of house.

My skills in all the performing arts have really improved over the course of the play and I'm really grateful for all the support that my friends and family have provided to help me through it. My friends have honestly been great - they've gotten me wayyy too many High School Musical DVDs and soundtracks and the lot; they took the piss outa me too but that comes with the package, eh?

The performances were on Tuesday - Thursday the 26th - 28th of November. I'll be honest, Tuesday morning I thought that we wouldn't be able to pull everything together and make the play watchable, but we managed it! I still have no idea how we did it but we did, and the performances were amazing. Despite Wednesday being a sellout show, the audiences on Tuesday and Thursday were incredible. I'd like to thank my Aunt Helen for driving 6 hours on Thursday to catch my performance ❤️

The cast have been so supportive and I've loved how close we've grown. Over the 3 months of rehearsals, we've come together like a family and that's really shown in all the happiness and support we've shown for each other before, during and after the shows.

Thank you to everyone for making High School Musical amazing - here's to the next one!