# holidayyyy

So not much happened between the CFF and Northumberland, to be honest. The only main thing was going to watch the new Fast and Furious with Dad. It was great, I really enjoyed it.

# To Northumberland!

It was a long drive. We stopped off in York for the night on the way there, because 8 hours is a L O N G time to go in one sitting. I mean, we did go the full way on the way home (it was awful) but it's really nice to stop off half way. York is really nice, lots of stuff there.

The next day we set off to Northumberland, and we got to the place that we were staying before check-in. We had a lovely pub lunch in the village next to where we were staying. By the time we'd finished, it was time to go and make ourselves comfortable. The house was massive, with 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a huge living area. Even had a pool table!

On the first day I went for a walk with Mum and G'Dad and it was really muddy and my shoes got ruined but I got to see the sea! Didn't do much else that evening, except go swimming in the POOL! Oh yeah, that's right. There was a POOOOOL!

The next day we went to the beach. Pretty cool beach, there was sea and everything. I didn't go into the sea on this occasion, though I had a good time flying a kite. Again I went swimming in the pool, and played some pool with other people. Yup, there was a swimming pool and a pool table!

Third day. I went to the beach again in the morning, and had a great time bodyboarding in the sea. I went out with G'Dad to a nearby town to buy a few small things, and just to check it out. I really enjoyed our trip, and we managed to get everything we were looking for! Uncle Pete turned up that evening, and we had a lovely pre-birthday dinner. I played lots of pool with Pete and he was pretty good! I beat him several times though so that was nice.

Honestly, my memory is getting a bit foggy at this point. I know we did more beach trips and swimming, played heckloads of pool. We went to a small island one day called Lindisfarne, and that was pretty funky.

I'd like to thank all ma family for making Northumberland so fun, and I had a great time!

# And... since then?

I haven't done much at all. I've mainly sat at my computer, doing coding things. I've learnt loads of really cool skills and I'm actually doing things that have a chance to help me in the real world, which is a nice change to school life.

It's my birthday tomorrow, and so I'm looking forward to having a nice chill day. I'm going out for a curry with Dad in the evening, and I love curry so that will be amazing.

Peace out x.x