# it's nearly high school musical!

I've talked on here before about rehearsals for my school play, High School Musical, in which I'm playing Chad. We started rehearsals in September and it didn't feel that stressful - it felt like we had loads of time!

The performances for High School Musical are at the end of November and although we've got just short of a month, it really feels like it's an awful lot to cram into that short amount of time.

Now don't get me wrong - I'm really looking forward to it! The tickets have been released for sale and I'm really looking forward to performing what we've been working on for a while to all my family and friends.

We've still got quite a lot of work to do, but most of it is just consolidating what we've already done and making sure everything runs smoothly. On Tuesday we get our first rehearsal with the band, which will be great.

By my counting we have 9 rehearsals left... that's an awful lot less than we had to begin with! I really hope it all goes well.

I have this strange feeling that something's going to go wrong on one of the performances... I know that if I make a small mistake it really doesn't matter, but I'm already getting butterflies in my stomach! Imagine what I'll be like on the night!

This wasn't a structured story and more just a bit of a rant, I'll make another post with something actually interesting later today.